Donna sent me the following letter addressed to the people she knew during her time as a teacher in the cult. I’m publishing it here to help her reach out to them, whether they are still in the SCOC or not. Wow, thank you Donna. This took a lot of courage–the spirit of Christ is very evident in your life.

Confessions from Donna Bennum

Confessions concerning those I sinned against while a member of a specific sect of the church of Christ, from January 1978 through August 2014.

I was baptized into this sect in January 1978 in Des Moines, Iowa. My husband (Bill Bennum) and I, we’re married in April,1978. We were sent out to help grow a congregation in 1981, to Springfield, Il. We were there for ten years. From there we moved to Decatur, Il. We were there for a year before we were sent to Erie, PA. We lived in Erie, Pa and Girard, PA. for three and a half years. We moved back to Des Moines, then to Oxnard, CA., then back to Des Moines, IA.

I mention the locations for the mere reference of those congregation I served in.  Most of those years I served in the capacity of a teacher, and often as a counselor. I affected many members, families, non-members, and children of members.

For anyone that I adversely affected by my pride, and oppression, and judgements I made against them- I ask your forgiveness. I lifted myself up in pride when I was found in favor with the older teachers. I detest who I became!

Please forgive me for teaching this oppressive doctrine of MAN and trying to enforce this doctrine, often with no mercy or grace. Please forgive me for pleasing and serving MAN by continuing in the capacity of a teacher, and cast judgements on those I dealt with unjustly.

I was a HYPOCRITE. I had no business teaching. Albeit, as it is a FALSE TEACHING, I still treated people with no respect or compassion at times.

I HATE that I took part in interrogation of the minds of people, and of the marriage beds of members. This was ungodly and devilish! Forgive me for arrogantly lifting myself above you. Forgive me, please, for getting into your personal business- especially of how to raise your children, or concerning very personal issues, and marriages.

Please forgive me for scrutinizing your behavior and what you wore. Please forgive me for doing the bidding of the teachers, counsellors and evangelists- and burdening you with these corrupt judgements. This involves so many years and locations and people, and SITUATIONS, that I don’t know how I will ever make amends with individuals.

Please accept this for the wrongs I have committed against you, and I pray my God will be gracious to me as I have repented of these grievous sins against you all and against Him. Forgive me for teaching a doctrine that is NOT CHRIST and of God, but rather from MAN.

I decided I needed to take this step to be able to continue my journey of growth with my Savior.  If anyone has ought against me, PLEASE CONTACT ME.  You can PM me
on FB and I will give you my contact information.


If I could go back to everyone I have every ‘taught’ these hypocrisies- I would share with them that THIS SECT is not portraying the TRUE AND LIVING GOD.

There IS a Great God in heaven! He is my redeemer. He brought me up out of a HORRIBLE PIT. He is merciful. He does not condemn or cast judgement or scrutinize. He loves us while we are yet sinners.

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