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19 October

Telling your story

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SCOC references on other sites "My Inner Sanctum" (This ex-member converted to Islam) Who I am and why Islam (Possibly by the same person above) You cannot go to the other extreme to avoid liberalism (From a preacher's interaction with a member) Your Church Too (DC's old site) We all have stories to tell. Outside of the Church of Christ culture, people call it your "testimony." I like that. My testimony has been largely told here on these pages, and others have undertaken to tell their own stories of how this sect has affected their lives, and how they've found their way to a closer relationship with the loving and forgiving God of Scripture (or not). Please use the comment section of this page to share [...]

15 October

Prove it, friends

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Stanton has altered the meaning of so many words, it's hard to keep track; hence the new glossary. One of the terms that has been severely misused is the word "prove," as in "prove all things." I'm not saying that the word is always misused, because I'm not there to know. But it's apparent that it's at least misused when it's convenient. The following is a portion of a talk at the Labor Day 2013 meeting: "We put a lot of stock in you brethren that are very, very young in faith. Very young in faith. We put a lot of hope in you, that not only are you going to be able to carry the mantle, you're going to turn around and you're going to [...]

12 October

Love and marriage, love and marriage

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Note: The "a-ha" moment I describe in Turning the Tables on Legalism about what it would feel like to receive legalistic love from my kids first clicked in my mind regarding marriage. This article is the true story of when I first made that connection. I'm thankful for the love of my wife, in part because she exhibits her love for me in ways I neither deserve nor ask for. That makes me feel privileged and honored to be her husband. I know without a doubt that I have her loyalty and affections. I could argue that most everything good in my life flows from the fact that I feel such security in our relationship. That's because love is inherently inspiring, motivating, and empowering, whether it's [...]

9 October

Love is the Greatest

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Awhile back an anonymous commenter on this blog mentioned that they had prepared a one year study on the subject of love for their congregation after leaving the Stanton sect. I want to thank them publicly and provide the download for others to enjoy as well. I wasn't sure whether I had permission to post it, but was assured in the comments that I did. So to the author: thank you so much for your efforts in writing this, and thank you for your kind words in the handwritten note that was attached. I know nothing about the writer, other than the love that flows from the pages of this study. I received the study in hard copy format after providing my mailing address by [...]