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30 March

My Story, by Matthew Ezell

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Matthew submitted his story back in 2013 in a series of six comments. In an effort to reorganize stories like his into a more useful and findable format, I have compiled his story into a single post. Full disclosure: Matthew is my brother-in-law, and currently "withdrawn from" by the Anchorage, Alaska congregation. Jill is my sister, whom I love very much in spite of our disagreement over the church. They have an awesome family, and I've respected that they've been able to maintain a loving relationship. August 29, 2013 at 3:36 PM The option of "Anonymous" allows us to speak without anyone having any preconceived ideas about us and shields us from anyone bringing up our past. We all have one, don't we. I choose [...]

25 March

My Story, by Jeff Hernandez

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Thank you, Jeff, for your letter detailing your story. I'm sorry for your experiences. If believers are to show Christ to one another as well as to a lost world, this certainly doesn't seem like the way to do it. Thank you for being discreet (proper usage of the word) about names so this doesn't become about personalities, but about the church's culture. I want to encourage you to find a church family who will take the time to get to know you, and with whom you can share your struggles freely without fear of retribution. My name is Jeff Hernandez and Lynn is my middle name. My wife and I are still married. She left the church because it was too hard for her [...]

3 March

My Story, by “K.F.”

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A reader emailed me this letter and asked me if I would post it. I've been a little reluctant because of the underlying bitterness that is still there, but we agreed that I could make a few introductory comments about that. While I don't at all endorse the bitterness, I do understand where it's coming from. My hope and prayer is that KF can defeat this bitterness, and I believe that can only happen by experiencing God's love and forgiveness in a way that he's never seen in the Stanton churches. EDIT #1 - In the spirit of clearing up confusion about the purpose of posting this letter, I think it should be clear by my history on this blog that it was not to [...]