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18 November

Should you try the “Clean Church” challenge?

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Back in 2013 (wow, time flies!), I wrote an article challenging readers to what I called the Clean Bible Challenge. Some have asked me how I got my head out of the legalistic teachings I was raised in, and one big piece of it was this "challenge." Of course, I didn't name it that until I wrote the article. At the time, I was just earnestly trying to figure out what I truly believed and why—and I did that by putting away the notes in the margins of my Bible, and reading a fresh copy, as if for the first time. More than once. Wow. I had missed so much by cluttering the words of Scripture with chain references, cross references, and book references. What [...]

4 November

It shall not be so among you

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I want to dive headlong into the subject of politics. No, not national, regional, municipal, or school board politics. Those are all important. But I'm talking here about church politics. I'm talking about who has the most influence over church policy, doctrine, who's in, who's out, who gets withdrawn from, who is the next to become the golden boy, etc., etc., etc. And I'm talking about how one obtains that power and influence. Yeah, I'm talking about that unsavory aspect of organizational life. But first, some definitions: politics : 1a: the art or science of government b: the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy c: the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government 2: political actions, [...]

3 November

Here’s Joe Gautreau’s letter of withdrawal…where do I start?

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Stanton leadership's lack of Biblical understanding is appalling, to say the least. This letter stating the reasons for Stanton's "withdrawal of fellowship" (a completely misused term) should be an embarrassment to anyone who even has a cursory knowledge of scripture. I will provide it here for your perusal and comments below. Dear Faithful Brethren, We are deeply comforted in knowing that all the churches continue walking in the faith, unity, and peace that we have enjoyed for so many years. This letter is sent to help answer the many inquiries received regarding the recent withdraw (sic) of our brother Joe Gautreau. While it is not customary to send out letters to the brotherhood over local church discipline, we felt it necessary to do so in [...]

2 November

My (unanswered) email to Gary on August 10, 2004

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I have hoped, prayed, and acted in good faith for many, many years in trying to have a conversation with Stanton leadership. When I heard Paula in her own voice incorrectly tell the world that I failed to show up to meet her kids for an unfriendly (her words) conversation about the church, I was reminded that I had seen a copy of my email to Gary somewhere from "probably a couple decades ago." I was close. As it turned out, I sent it on August 10, 2004, over 18 years ago as of today. I ran across the copy, and will share it below. For the record, I still have no ill will toward Gary, Paula, or any other Stanton leader. The offer still [...]