There is no area of life that is unregulated by the church. There are rules (a.k.a. “judgments”) for everything, and when a rule doesn’t immediately come to mind, they are encouraged to call a Teacher for “counsel.” Once the question makes it through a discussion at a May Meeting, the individual congregations fall into line with this year’s latest rules.

Here are some of the rules for traveling:

  1. You mustn’t worship in another congregation
    unless you are visiting family.
  2. If you are traveling for something work
    related or some other reason you must go back home for worship.
  3. You can
    also worship in another congregation if you are courting someone.
  4. You must keep the schedule of the church in the city you are in if
    there is a church there. If the church you are visiting has a ladies
    class or a non member class that your home church doesn’t have, you must
    attend it. If your congregation has a midweek class on Tuesday and you
    attended it, but you happen to be in another congregation’s city on
    Wednesday, you must attend their midweek class also.
  5. You should seek counsel before you leave to make sure it’s okay with the teacher/preacher.

h/t to CB

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