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31 January

A “Jesus Take The Wheel” kind of faith

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Several people have sent me audio files from various meetings since I started this blog, and I just happened to browse some of them recently. One caught my eye called "Standing in the Gap" from November 2013. It sounded inspiring enough, so I imported it into my iTunes and started listening. It was rather lengthy, and I recalled having started listening to it before, but never made it to the end. After awhile, I remembered why. It took some time to get up to speed, wandering a bit aimlessly for the first 40 minutes. Eventually, though, there were some valuable points made. Most it was charming prose, though maybe a bit too self-conscious. From one story to another, the first 40 minutes of the talk [...]

22 January

My Story, by Donna Bennum

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I appreciate Donna's willingness to share her story, and hope that others are emboldened to do the same. More importantly, I hope that her experience inspires others to take action! My Story, by Donna Bennum In August of 2014 I made my decision to leave 'the church' (Stanton churches) which I had been a member of for thirty-six years. In the weeks that followed I found Rising Sun church of Christ. I sat in their sanctuary and listened to their hymns, as they were accompanied by musical instruments of all sorts. I listened to the preacher speak about God's love for us and about His GRACE, and how there's NOTHING we could do to work for that grace of Christ dying on the cross for [...]

2 January

A public confession

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I have a public confession to make. I believe the church's practice of public confession, and all its associated rules, are simply more assumptions which have been mistakenly inferred and bound by men, not by the Bible. These manmade rules include: A weekly time of public confession. Private sins confessed before public ones A confession must be as public as the sin was Must stand for public confession A prayer must be offered after said period of public confession asking for the forgiveness of the people who confessed. You can't take the Lord's Supper if there is "sin on your soul" as a result of not confessing a "public sin" publicly If any one of these rules is violated, your sins are not forgiven. Start [...]