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30 September

The swan dive into hell

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When people leave Stanton, they are typically talked about bashed gossiped about slandered from the pulpits of Stanton churches. Preachers, teachers, and evangelists are all fond of characterizing these former members as "fallen away." One phrase at least one preacher is fond of using is that leaving the church is like taking a "swan dive into hell." Have some people, upon leaving Stanton, truly taken a "swan dive into hell" and chosen to be separated from God? Oh yeah. No doubt about it. Stanton exudes overplayed confidence that it is the only receptacle for one to plug into God. So many who leave Stanton do so just to give up on God and dive headlong into darkness. And why not? In practical terms, their experience is [...]

26 September

Rules for employment

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You may not take a job that keeps you from working on Sunday. You may keep a job within the first two years that keeps you from working during midweek class, non-member class, or personal work. Within the first two years, you are expected to give up any job that requires you to work during midweek class, non-member class, or personal work. You may not take a job that may require you to relocate. You may not keep a job that suddenly asks you to relocate (unless there is an established church in that location, or you are trusted enough to start a church in that location). You may not be a paramedic, nurse, doctor, or any other job that may require you to see [...]

25 September

How to whitewash your sepulchre

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I'm trying hard not to be unfair or nitpicky with this headline and my comments on TC's talk at the 2019 March Week on unity. While he pushes hard for the suppression of negative information using the tried and true "fear and intimidation" tactic of the threat of withdrawal, which I find very problematic, he does seem to rightly understand the subject of gossip. On that, I completely agree with him. Believers should NOT be promulgating gossip, and I commend him on that instinct. However, the problem is that Stanton long ago lost the moral clarity to distinguish between destructive gossip and honest dissent.  When you suffer generations of oppressive teachings and practices, you become desensitized to this distinction, like generations of Chinese and North [...]