You don’t need to register to comment on this blog and be part of the conversation. Creating an account is simply a convenience for those who don’t mind a small loss in anonymity. If you create an account, I can see your email address and username. I will also maintain confidentiality for those who register—it will never turn into a “gotcha post” the next day. You can count on that.

But if this bothers you, feel free to post anonymously. I just ask that you think of a “pen name” to make the conversation easier to follow. It gets a little confusing when there are dozens of people named “Anonymous.” 🙂

I have chosen not to remain anonymous, and I prefer transparency for everyone. But I do understand the many reasons why some might need to remain anonymous. Maybe your spouse is still in the sect, or your son or daughter, and you don’t want to draw attention to them. I get it. This is why I’ve allowed commenters to remain anonymous.

Some things to know:

  1. I expect everyone to remain respectful and keep comments civil, succinct, and on-topic.
  2. I am totally fine with being challenged on scripture or logic. Just not disingenuously. Let’s keep the conversation real and meaningful.
  3. Please don’t bash individuals, especially by name. People can change, and this blog hopes to reach tomorrow even those who may be leaders in the Stanton sect today.
  4. Please don’t document-dump your comments on everyone. Edit it down and make sure it’s really worth communicating.
  5. You can subscribe to blog posts and to comments separately via RSS (the two icons at the top right of the site).
  6. Sometime in February 2019, Google deprecated their Google+ platform. All comments that were authenticated via G+ have been deleted by Google. The displayed comment number is accurate, with an additional 1200 comments added that I guesstimated were deleted from Google+.
  7. Please avoid personal attacks, character assassinations, and name calling. If you see something that you think crosses the line, please contact me using the contact info on this site.