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11 January

An open letter to the emailer who deleted their account

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I can't and won't divulge who the person is, and I honestly have no idea if the name this person used to dialogue with me is a real one or a pseudonym. But after having what seemed like a genuine email conversation (initiated by them), I responded to the email thread this morning, only to find out that the email account has been deleted since yesterday. I sincerely understand the reasons why this person would do that, and given the pressure they're probably feeling from family and peers in the church, they probably felt it was better to just forget the conversation ever existed. But this is the problem with Stanton. It suppresses sincere inquiry. If anyone makes an honest reading of this blog, they [...]

10 January

Sticks and stones – bring ’em on

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I've been informed a few times that people in the Stanton sect are saying things about me behind my back. Surprise! This is not something new or unexpected. It is the M.O. of any sect once they sense they are losing control of the narrative—attack their critics. They used to have a monopoly on any conversation about themselves—there was no one responding or shedding any Biblical light on them, because they just stayed in the shadows and flew under the radar of the mainstream forums for communication. But that is no longer true, and rather than respond directly in a loving manner, brother to brother, they'd rather take potshots and troll honest dissenters. Whatever. In all things, love. That's my story, and I'm sticking to [...]