I’ve been informed a few times that people in the Stanton sect are saying things about me behind my back. Surprise! This is not something new or unexpected. It is the M.O. of any sect once they sense they are losing control of the narrative—attack their critics.

They used to have a monopoly on any conversation about themselves—there was no one responding or shedding any Biblical light on them, because they just stayed in the shadows and flew under the radar of the mainstream forums for communication. But that is no longer true, and rather than respond directly in a loving manner, brother to brother, they’d rather take potshots and troll honest dissenters. Whatever.

In all things, love. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I have no time or bandwidth to deal with people who are petty and perhaps dishonest as to post anonymously here for the purpose of trolling, or who bash me publicly in forums where I can’t respond. I know whom I stand and fall before, and it certainly isn’t any human.

If, and only if, you have direct knowledge of gossip and slander said about me or this blog in attempt to discredit its message, I invite you to post it in the comments here. In the meantime, I’ll keep speaking the truth in love—punctuated by periods of time where I have to focus on my work, family, and foster care ministry.

God bless,


P.s. – Thanks to your continued readership, and those who have exited the sect and now help keep the conversation going here when I’m away from the computer. This is truly a community, not a pulpit; thank you for your service to the cause of truth.

“Truth need not be afraid of a lie.”

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