It wasn’t easy to make the decision to write this blog under my real name, because I didn’t want to hurt my mom, and I still don’t. It’s extremely difficult to do this, because I love her to death, and want nothing more than for her and her long-time friends to know the love, joy and peace of God that I know, which passes all human understanding. Nevertheless, I believe it is crucial for the truth to be told openly and boldly, now more than ever, because the church has crossed far too many lines in making the Word of God of no effect by its traditions, changing doctrines, and man-made rules. So I proceed, purely out of love.

I sincerely hope that all those who are right now hurt and offended by these pages, will ponder these things in their hearts and someday come to understand and appreciate at least the good motives behind what is taking place here. As God is my witness, I don’t have a bitter bone in my body over my experience with the church. I’ve seen the effects of bitterness on the soul up close and personal, and want nothing to do with that. To the contrary, I have nothing but sadness and compassion for those still caught in the grips of the church’s man-made teachings, and just want their consciences to be freed from the chains of fallible church traditions accumulated over decades of May Meetings. I want them to be able to explore the Scriptures for themselves for the first time without the thought police telling them what they can and can’t believe. (If you think this is too extreme a statement, read this study of why the Bible doesn’t forbid wine, but the church does, and tell me if you have the right to believe that, let alone practice it, without getting permission from a Teacher. I think you know the answer.)

While I felt that the information here would be most effective (and most credible) if I stayed in the sunlight rather than the shadows of anonymity, there are a lot of reasons, many of them justified, for those who are commenting on this blog to want to remain nameless. Some of the anonymous commenters are defending the church’s doctrines, or Merie, or both, while some are past members, or children of current or past members.

I want to encourage all to post, and if anonymity helps that, so be it.

Those who have left the church and who have family still connected to it might be in fear of getting their family members publicly rebuked or otherwise intimidated into silence if church leaders found out they’ve been reading the information posted here. Those who are still in the church and who dissent from its teachings might want to protect their identities for fear of being “withdrawn from” or “marked and avoided.” I understand your motivation for remaining in the shadows.

What I don’t understand is the cloak of anonymity desired by those defending the church. What reason do you have for remaining anonymous? Shouldn’t you be willing to give a bold defense of your faith, or are you afraid of saying something that could get you in trouble with your superiors? Has God given you the Spirit of fear and timidity, or the Spirit of boldness?

I don’t believe I have exclusive insight from the Holy Spirit. Not by any means. Yet for a church that does make such a claim, I find its lack of confidence to openly defend its doctrines, and frankly, its clear lack of sound Biblical exegesis, troubling.

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