Yesterday, I quoted an anonymous blog I had run across a year or two ago that was very obviously from someone in the church. Growing up in the sect, I immediately recognized the distinct jargon used on the site. The blog was obviously this person’s notes during Bible classes or lessons:

Oops, what happened? Where did it go?

Imagine my surprise to find that the blog has now been deleted! Actually, I’m not surprised at all. I anticipated this would happen and saved an archive of the entire site for future reference. Here’s what I quoted, with a new link to the Google Cache version of the page:

Those that you share a common bond with and like interest, are those that you most likely get along with and are able to share with, when that bond is broke it is because of some out side thing that make breaks up those like interest.  IE differences in opinion such as pc or mac, Ford or Chevy. 

Opinions and expressing them strongly is what will break that bond of brotherly love.  As long as God is leading the way in my life and discussions then things will be alright with me and my brethren.


Oops, they seem to have removed it from Google’s index! I guess someone has some technical skills.

Here is a link to the copy I archived on my servers. And incidentally, the blog is anonymous, so I am not archiving it here to be malicious. I have no idea who wrote the blog. I simply provide it to establish the point that the sect leaders are not “man enough” to face open, public criticism, as Paul would have been glad to do in the first century. Truth doesn’t need to be afraid of a lie.

But back to the quote excerpted above. It shows such a dark, sad understanding of brotherly love. To say that the bond of love can be broken by having an opinion and expressing it strongly is a horrible, anti-Biblical thing to say. No wonder those who disagree are attached in such an unloving manner!

This is backed up by the numerous testimonies from people pouring into this site. If you dare to present a reasoned critique of church teachings, the biting and devouring and character assassination begins. Brotherly love is out the window.

But the point of this post is that the church is way too good at covering its tracks online and silencing any public information that could be used to shed the light of truth on its unbiblical teachings. This is evidenced by the virtual information black hole online about the church, which has been around for 45+ years.

I believe, however, that sunlight is the best disinfectant. The more we can bring these unbiblical teachings out of the shadows, the more chance there will be of reform, particularly of the individuals who are entrapped by the weight of so many extra-Biblical doctrines of men.

Whether the organization is capable of reform, I don’t know. But I know people always are. God’s in the people-reformation-business. That’s where my heart is.

Here are some interesting questions to ponder:

  • Why would the entire blog be removed? Does the truth need to be afraid of a lie, or should a lie be more afraid of the truth?
  • Did someone ask the author to remove it, or did they remove it on their own?
  • Did the author get in trouble (i.e. scolded privately or rebuked publicly) for posting the blog in the first place? And if so, why?
  • Has the church now been warned to NOT post notes from lessons online?
  • If Paul had a blog, would he shut it down if someone quoted it, or would he respond to it because he was confident of the truth of his message?
  • Don’t you think if Paul had the Internet, he’d be using it to boldly and openly evangelize and defend his faith?
Come on guys. You can do better than this. Let’s have an honest discussion and not shut it down when the going gets tough.
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