Yesterday, someone posting as “Gary” commented threatening a lawsuit against me. Wow. If true, that is sure to backfire. Click here and search the page for Gary to find the comment on March 28, 2016 at 2:49 PM.

Here is my response to this ridiculousness.

1. I’m not even convinced this comment is from Gary in the first place, but I will offer the benefit of the doubt for now. The phrase “church leadership” doesn’t sound like Gary, IMO, and I find it unlikely that he would ask his followers to suddenly read through thousands of comment that he says are false or libelous. But that’s just me. Nevertheless, in the spirit of love and good faith, the offer has always stood here to correct the record–either privately or in an open dialogue. There are a number of ways to facilitate that. Call or email me, brother.

2. If true, you realize that, although articles are my own, and are fact-based and as well-reasoned as I can make them–comments here are unmoderated. In good faith, I do make attempts to police name-calling from time to time, and other unloving attacks on individuals, but I do not have the time to read every comment. It is not my legal obligation to do so, but if you point out any factual error or libelous post, I will still do my best to correct the record, because that’s what brothers do. I have no desire to defame you or any other leader of the church. I have always and only wanted to deal in facts and scriptural reasoning. Anyone who has read my articles knows this. It doesn’t take much reading to see that I have never attempted to get into personal attacks, and have done my best to weed comments out by individuals who engage in them.

3. I’ve had an open invitation for you or any other leader in the church to correct facts and discuss differences of opinion on scripture. My email address is plainly listed on this site. Not one person in the church, except for my mom, has corrected anything, and the fact that she corrected was how old I was when my dad was withdrawn from. I thought I was 10 or 11, my mom says I was 6 1/2. I corrected it immediately. Neither you nor any of the church leadership have reached out to correct anything–in fact, teachers in the church have highly discouraged people from visiting this blog. So how do you know what’s here if you haven’t read it yourself and discouraged others from doing so?

4. I’ve tried to make contact with you for years, Gary, merely to discuss scriptural questions about Stanton, long before I ever got the idea of creating a blog to record the factual history of this sect. I found your email address from a forum you had posted in of Church of Christ preachers many years ago, and tried contacting you (two different emails, actually, both starting with “b4man”). I received no response. Not that you owe me one–but you have had plenty of opportunity to engage in a real conversation. I have even offered on these pages to have a private conversation over coffee sometimes, but have never been taken up on that.

5. Last I checked, brothers are not to take brothers to court. As noted above, I am perfectly open to removing factually incorrect information, and that has been the case since day one of this blog. As always, just send me a list of the exact comments and URLs by email privately so I can search and find them.

6. Not having read all the comments, let me just state generally that I do not give my approval to comments, but I would never seek to harm someone’s reputation with false information. Ever.

7. If your post is real, Gary, and you do create a lawsuit, understand that you’ll lose, and by losing, you’ll most likely have to pay my attorney’s fees. It’s called an “equitable remedy,” particularly in a frivolous lawsuit, which this would be. And let me just be clear that if I had wanted to organize legal opposition to the church, I have had plenty of people cheering me on. I avoided that, because this site has never been about attacking personalities, but about trying to lead people who have been oppressed by Stanton’s teachings out of the wilderness and into a loving relationship with their Creator. In addition, if I wanted to put out a call for people who have been wronged by the church as a result of following teacher’s counsel, I have no doubt I could assemble a list within a few days. That’s not who I am–and I certainly hope that’s not who you are.

God bless,


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