In the interest of generating more Biblically-based dialogue here, I thought it would be useful to post a Q&A blog where readers can leave questions in the comment section and I’ll provide my take on it from a Biblical standpoint. I’m really not interested in who said what to whom, which is easy to fall into when you’re having a historical discussion. Nevertheless, that’s just not why I started this blog.

Instead, I’m interested in having Biblically grounded, spiritually mature conversations about the church and the Bible with those who are sincere in trying to sort through the many issues raised by the SCOC sect. I’ll provide my point of view and you can provide yours.

Rules of the road for this exercise:

  1. Questions must be sincere.
  2. Questions must be able to be answered from the Bible.
  3. I’m not afraid of hard questions.
  4. I’m not an authority. I will simply give my honest opinion based on my understanding of scripture.
  5. Don’t expect 24/7 responses. It might take me awhile to respond to more detailed questions. I work full time and have a big family I kind of like to spend time with. πŸ˜‰
I haven’t decided how to format this yet, so I’ll play it by ear. I may answer in the comment section as part of a conversation, or if it needs more space, I may answer in its own post.
Ready? Go!
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