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5 September

2 Opinions Chapter 3

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NEWLY REVISED AND TRANSLATED! Now presented in the newest Modern Pharisaical Translation (MPT). [4] It has been brought to our attention that church members and rabbis have had some trouble defending various rules from the Bible, so we've provided the following chapter from the book of 2 Opinions for easy reference. It will no longer be necessary to quote various rabbis, May Meetings, October Meetings, or founding documents. Members can now simply refer to book, chapter and verse below to defend their favorite teachings. 2 Opinions Chapter 3 Christians must not eat food or drink anything but water in their building at any time. Christians must not take food into their building at any time. Christians must not have weddings or funerals in their building. [...]

22 August

Why remove the evidence?

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Yesterday, I quoted an anonymous blog I had run across a year or two ago that was very obviously from someone in the church. Growing up in the sect, I immediately recognized the distinct jargon used on the site. The blog was obviously this person's notes during Bible classes or lessons: http://whatisthedoctrineofchist.blogspot.com Oops, what happened? Where did it go? Imagine my surprise to find that the blog has now been deleted! Actually, I'm not surprised at all. I anticipated this would happen and saved an archive of the entire site for future reference. Here's what I quoted, with a new link to the Google Cache version of the page: Those that you share a common bond with and like interest, are those that you most [...]