Back in 2013, an anonymous commenter left the following quiz in the comments:

Today’s Quiz: Who wrote the following quote?

“The members of the church have a right to question and ask for Bible answers from those who are doing the preaching. But this is considered almost tantamount to heresy by the preachers of today; and if a member persists in such he is usually slandered and called a trouble-maker…We should know our Bible and we should be ready and willing to take a stand for the truth. We are commanded to ‘contend for the truth.’ But this can hardly be done seeing that the church is ignorant and the preachers are content to have it so. Individually and collectively we should take scriptural stands upon all subjects…”


a.) Thomas Aquinas
b.) Joan of Arc
c.) Bruce Springsteen
d.) Merie Weiss

Correct answer: d.

Any irony here?

When a revolutionary movement stops moving, it is no longer the revolution, but the establishment. We see this all the time in international upheavals. There is a coup d’état, and the leader of the revolution seizes power. He becomes a dictator, accruing followers based on lofty-sounding ideals like income inequality, or universal healthcare, or a roast in every pot.

Then the inevitable happens. Reality bites back. Leading proves to be harder than talking about it, and rebellions start to occur. Mini-rebellions are put down, and greater and greater control is exercised over followers to protect the core leadership at the top. Before long, the revolution has become the establishment, and new green shoots of a counter-revolutionary movement start to take root to challenge it.

Sound familiar? The Stanton sect is no more immune to this natural flow of human power over its peers than its secular counterparts. If you familiarize yourself with its richly ironic history linked in the main menu of this site, you’ll see the seeds of a movement that wanted to seize power away from what it perceived as the corrupt “preacher system.” They encouraged their fellow revolutionaries to fight the establishment by questioning those doing the preaching.It is very apparent that Stanton’s modern leadership does not want the same spirit of Biblical inquiry turned against them. And so the revolutionaries become the establishment.

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