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We all have stories to tell. Outside of the Church of Christ culture, people call it your “testimony.” I like that. My testimony has been largely told here on these pages, and others have undertaken to tell their own stories of how this sect has affected their lives, and how they’ve found their way to a closer relationship with the loving and forgiving God of Scripture (or not).

Please use the comment section of this page to share how God is working in your life today, or if you can email me a more complete testimony of your experiences in (and out) of the sect. You can tell us how God has brought you out of legalistic thinking, or how you’ve come to have a deeper relationship with God, or any aspect of your story that you feel will be uplifting to those still struggling with the “doctrines and commandments of men” that have consumed the sect for the past 45 years.

I just ask that if your story involves other people, please refrain from using names where it would be hurtful, even if those people have hurt you. I believe the people who have hurt others through their abusive teachings and discipline methods know who they are, and my sincere hope is that they may one day change their hearts and work to make things right with those they’ve hurt. If ever there was a proper application of Matthew 5:23-24, it would be this: If you’ve hurt your brother by abusive teaching or improper church discipline, go and reconcile with your brother before another minute passes.

Not sure what to write? Try answering one of these questions:

  • How did you first come to realize that the sect’s teachings were wrong?
  • What caused you to realize that God is alive and well outside the sect?
  • How have you sought fellowship with other believers after leaving the sect?

For some, you may not be ready to share your story. It may be too painful and too personal for a public forum like this. For others, sharing your story may be the perfect way to stand up and be counted. You can say to the world fearlessly “I belong to Jesus.”

Where I’ve chosen to republish an individual’s story here on the blog, you’ll find it linked in the top menu.

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