Growing up in this church, it was common to hear Merie say that if you could point out one error in the Bible, she’d eat every page. This was a very persuasive point for those who had never considered the Bible’s authenticity. The same reasoning applies to Jesus…he cannot have been simply a “good man” in history as many people claim. If we find one false claim he made, he was a liar, not a good man.

So it is with the church’s claim to be the One True Church. When you make such a claim, you better have the facts to back it up. Since their claim is that all other Christian churches are false because they all have false (erroneous) doctrines (a tried and true staple of non-member class rhetoric), their claimed One True Church shouldn’t have any erroneous doctrines either. Does God expect us to cut them some slack for their errors, yet we ought to know better than to cut anyone else any slack? That is pretty prideful for a church that prides itself on teaching against pride.

The great thing about their outrageous claim is that one error brings the whole house of cards down. You don’t need to find more errors in their church than in the mainstream Church of Christ, the Christian Church, or Calvary Chapel. You just need to find one error to disprove their thesis that they are the One True Church whose Teachers have been led by the Holy Spirit into all Truth.

Unfortunately, there is not just one, but many errors that have been taught by the church, as evidenced by its constantly changing doctrines. If you claim to be the only place where God’s people can trust that the Truth is being taught, and Truth doesn’t change, then your teachings better never change.

Here is some fallacious reasoning they will try to throw at members who question their changing and erroneous doctrines:

  • “We don’t change our doctrines, God is just revealing new understandings to us.” Sorry, that’s disingenuous, and is simply putting lipstick on the pig. If God is revealing new understandings to you, then your old ones cannot have been correct.
  • Church leaders insist that any problems with church doctrine must be handled privately, but they don’t extend the same courtesy to members, who are openly rebuked without ever being approached discretely first.

If you’re struggling with doubts about their claims, don’t let them put your doubts on trial. It’s okay to have doubts about erroneous teaching. It is their outrageous claims that need to be on trial. It’s entirely possible to be convicted that this group is in error, while at the same time taking the time to study and reach your own conclusions on what you believe about other subjects. Don’t rush through that. It may take years to reach satisfactory conclusions on all the bad doctrine they’ve put in your head. It did for me. But I thank God I’ve come out on the other side with a peace and confidence no man could have given to me.

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