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30 January

Why I care about politics and culture

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There's a frequent debate in Christian circles about how much we should be interested in politics and ultimately be involved in it — whatever that means. Is reading an article on religious liberty being "involved" or "entangled?" Even the notion of paying attention to politics is sometimes met with distaste as if that were beneath even the lowest in society. I get it. But I'd like to make a case for why politics should matter to Christians: Because it does. Before you accuse me of making a circular argument here, let me explain. The fact that something is true is different than the question of whether it should be true or whether you want it to be true. Politics does impact our lives as Christians, [...]

23 December

This one little problem with the “One True Church” claim

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Does the Holy Spirit guide Stanton alone into all truth? Ahh, this is the $64,000 question, isn't it? Wouldn't everyone nod their heads in agreement with Stanton's claims to be the "One True Church" if this could really be proven true? Of course, but it can't. Thankfully, the opposite is actually possible. It is easily provable that this central claim of the church is not true. All we need to do is demonstrate clearly that the Holy Spirit has not, in fact, led either the church or any individual in the church, into all truth. Wouldn't that lay an ax to the root of this tree that has produced such divisive fruit for over four decades now? Of course it would. Which is exactly why [...]

10 September

Procrastinating truth another year

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Truth is timeless. It is unchanging. It maintains its value through the always-evolving marketplace of ideas, like the gold standard in a world of paper currencies. Trends in human thought come and go, and philosophies rise and fall in popularity like fad diets, but truth is like a rock, never succumbing to the pressures of relativistic philosophies or changing "understandings." It is what it is, and what it always has been. The Truth. It also doesn't need to wait another year for us to acknowledge it, either. Or figure it out, or agree upon it, or agree to teach it. Truth just needs to be discovered and immediately taught. This is why Christianity in the first century thrived and turned the world upside down--because people [...]

16 June

The Suitcase of Books

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One of the best teaching tools the Stanton Church of Christ had going for it in its old Non-Member Classes was the infamous Suitcase of Books. Eventually the inconvenience of passing it around to the next Non-Member Class Teacher, or perhaps the hypocrisy of it, led to its demise. Nevertheless, The Suitcase of Books played a convincing role in many conversions to the sect, because it truly was a unique and effective visual illustration of the confusion caused by the doctrines and traditions of fallible men. I'm not positive the Suitcase of Books has been retired completely, actually. If it hasn't, it most definitely has lost some of its rhetorical power, because alas, the point made by the Teachers using the Suitcase has come back [...]

2 September

Hide it under a bushel?

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NOTE: Updated with transcript of audio The following audio snippet comes from a May Meeting discussion, I believe, and shows a clear intent to avoid criticism by keeping the teachings of the church hidden from public scrutiny. The idea under discussion was to avoid having written material get indexed by search engines and exposed to the "wrong eyes" on the Internet, the supposed "enemies of the cross of Christ." This is just another way of silencing dissent; if your opinions aren't published anywhere, no one can counter them with scripture. Does anyone doubt that Paul would have loved for each and every one of his sermons to be published in audio, written, and video form on the Internet, if he'd had such technology? He would have [...]

13 August

Planting seeds of doubt

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Some have questioned my wisdom in "planting seeds of doubt" about the foundation upon which so many have built their faith, i.e. the church. However, I sat through plenty of non-member classes where the primary strategy for making converts was to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of attendees about the errors they once believed. So I ask: Shouldn't we not only plant seeds of doubt about teachings we believe to be erroneous, but nurture them? Isn't that a duty of Christians, to seek truth relentlessly? Didn't Peter plant seeds of doubt in the minds of his listeners on Mars' Hill? How about Paul, when he told the Galatian church that he marveled how soon they had wandered away from the pure and simple [...]

3 August

One error is all you need

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Growing up in this church, it was common to hear Merie say that if you could point out one error in the Bible, she'd eat every page. This was a very persuasive point for those who had never considered the Bible's authenticity. The same reasoning applies to Jesus...he cannot have been simply a "good man" in history as many people claim. If we find one false claim he made, he was a liar, not a good man. So it is with the church's claim to be the One True Church. When you make such a claim, you better have the facts to back it up. Since their claim is that all other Christian churches are false because they all have false (erroneous) doctrines (a tried [...]

1 August

Truth shouldn’t be afraid of a lie

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The idea that truth doesn't need to be afraid of a lie was a staple teaching growing up in this group. However, it was only applied in challenging other people from other churches, denominations, or religions. It was never applied to yourself. After all, it was just assumed that you had the truth and others did not. The church's fear of having its doctrines and practices exposed for all the world to see manifests itself in several ways. When faced with a desire for open dialogue, they retreat to silence, secrecy, and scare tactics rather than face facts head on. There is clearly an attempt to control the flow of information that is accessible to the flock and their family members. Facebook accounts are not [...]