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5 June

My Story, by Debby Stevens

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I'm really glad that Debby Stevens found the blog recently. There are a lot of good people who love God who have left Stanton's ranks, and I'm thrilled that some of them have found this blog to share their story. My prayer is that by uncovering more voices from Stanton's past, we can show current members that (a) they're not alone in their secret doubts about Stanton's presumptuous "authority;" and (b) there is such a thing as a relationship with God outside of Stanton's walls. Debby, thanks adding your voice to the discussion here. My Story by Debby Stevens I first started with the Stanton group in Portland, OR in 1985 when I was baptized. In 1989 I was asked to move to Lakeland, FL [...]

25 March

My Story, by Jeff Hernandez

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Thank you, Jeff, for your letter detailing your story. I'm sorry for your experiences. If believers are to show Christ to one another as well as to a lost world, this certainly doesn't seem like the way to do it. Thank you for being discreet (proper usage of the word) about names so this doesn't become about personalities, but about the church's culture. I want to encourage you to find a church family who will take the time to get to know you, and with whom you can share your struggles freely without fear of retribution. My name is Jeff Hernandez and Lynn is my middle name. My wife and I are still married. She left the church because it was too hard for her [...]

22 January

My Story, by Donna Bennum

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I appreciate Donna's willingness to share her story, and hope that others are emboldened to do the same. More importantly, I hope that her experience inspires others to take action! My Story, by Donna Bennum In August of 2014 I made my decision to leave 'the church' (Stanton churches) which I had been a member of for thirty-six years. In the weeks that followed I found Rising Sun church of Christ. I sat in their sanctuary and listened to their hymns, as they were accompanied by musical instruments of all sorts. I listened to the preacher speak about God's love for us and about His GRACE, and how there's NOTHING we could do to work for that grace of Christ dying on the cross for [...]

19 October

Telling your story

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SCOC references on other sites "My Inner Sanctum" (This ex-member converted to Islam) Who I am and why Islam (Possibly by the same person above) You cannot go to the other extreme to avoid liberalism (From a preacher's interaction with a member) Your Church Too (DC's old site) We all have stories to tell. Outside of the Church of Christ culture, people call it your "testimony." I like that. My testimony has been largely told here on these pages, and others have undertaken to tell their own stories of how this sect has affected their lives, and how they've found their way to a closer relationship with the loving and forgiving God of Scripture (or not). Please use the comment section of this page to share [...]