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10 January

Sticks and stones – bring ’em on

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I've been informed a few times that people in the Stanton sect are saying things about me behind my back. Surprise! This is not something new or unexpected. It is the M.O. of any sect once they sense they are losing control of the narrative—attack their critics. They used to have a monopoly on any conversation about themselves—there was no one responding or shedding any Biblical light on them, because they just stayed in the shadows and flew under the radar of the mainstream forums for communication. But that is no longer true, and rather than respond directly in a loving manner, brother to brother, they'd rather take potshots and troll honest dissenters. Whatever. In all things, love. That's my story, and I'm sticking to [...]

13 August

Inaction leads to a seared conscience

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A truth from Scripture that I recall being taught from my earliest memories is how the conscience can so easily be seared with a hot iron and become numb to repeated violations. Sadly, this is happening to members of the group who repeatedly witness wrong things and stay silent out of fear: People are rebuked publicly without mercy, and without even having been approached privately first. Non-member teens are called out publicly for their misdeeds, humiliating them and their parents, and usurping parental authority. Entire Bible class sessions can be taken up with unmerciful public rebuking, with little or no actual study of the Bible. Gossip and evil surmising. Retribution, "witch hunts," and intimidation used against those who try to speak out. Truth doesn't need to [...]

5 August

Gossip, evil surmising, and slander

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Word of this blog and a separate private Facebook page have apparently spread like wildfire and made its way into sermons, Bible classes, and face to face confrontations, with accusations being thrown around left and right about who they think is instigating it all. What's sad is how wildly false the accusations have been. Tongues have been wagging about the blog with all sorts of false assumptions, and it seems to me like the dictionary definition of gossip, evil surmising, and slander. I've personally heard false accusations against three or four different people in the last couple of weeks, myself included. This culture of gossip (under the guise of keeping the church pure, because we have to have a good pretense for it, after all) [...]