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13 August

Planting seeds of doubt

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Some have questioned my wisdom in "planting seeds of doubt" about the foundation upon which so many have built their faith, i.e. the church. However, I sat through plenty of non-member classes where the primary strategy for making converts was to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of attendees about the errors they once believed. So I ask: Shouldn't we not only plant seeds of doubt about teachings we believe to be erroneous, but nurture them? Isn't that a duty of Christians, to seek truth relentlessly? Didn't Peter plant seeds of doubt in the minds of his listeners on Mars' Hill? How about Paul, when he told the Galatian church that he marveled how soon they had wandered away from the pure and simple [...]

3 August

One error is all you need

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Growing up in this church, it was common to hear Merie say that if you could point out one error in the Bible, she'd eat every page. This was a very persuasive point for those who had never considered the Bible's authenticity. The same reasoning applies to Jesus...he cannot have been simply a "good man" in history as many people claim. If we find one false claim he made, he was a liar, not a good man. So it is with the church's claim to be the One True Church. When you make such a claim, you better have the facts to back it up. Since their claim is that all other Christian churches are false because they all have false (erroneous) doctrines (a tried [...]