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5 March

The doctrine on doctrine

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March Week 2014 delegates: Reaching what you believe to be wise conclusions on the questions you're considering is great. But don't heap error upon error and proceed to bind your opinions, no matter how wise you think they are, on others. This is no different than the Pharisees "teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." doc·trine: a set of ideas or beliefs that are taught or believed to be true teaching, instruction something that is taught Perhaps it's time to consider the Bible's doctrine on doctrine. Before we can teach anything, we should give thought to what can and can't be taught, right? What the Bible teaches about teaching should be what we teach about teaching, should it not? "Doctrine" as used in the Bible [...]

21 September

Teachers in lieu of elders

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One of the most far-reaching mistakes of church history in the last 2000 years was when congregations started colluding to give bishops influence over multiple congregations rather than over a single congregation, as Paul originally established. Bishops are just another word for pastors, elders, presbyters, overseers, or shepherds. Whatever you want to call these local shepherds, they were a God-given form of church oversight to help keep wolves out of the flock. Paul outlined the qualifications for them, and instructed both Timothy and Titus about those qualifications. The only problem was that human ideas for church management (and control) just seemed so much more practical. The congregation in Rome—not unlike Stanton or Spring Valley—asked for, and received the deference of its peers. Their bishops began to [...]

3 September

May Week audio and transcript on rules for travel

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Jesus must be shaking his head in disbelief to think that his immense personal sacrifice—God coming to Earth to live as his creation lives, and being crucified for it—has been reduced to yet more Pharisaic rules that the rabbis heap upon their followers. These self-appointed legislators leave no stone unturned in looking for areas of your life to assert the spiritual superiority of their own opinions. Thus they fabricate rules for marital sex, attire, recreation, wine, travel, the Lord's supper, and a whole host of other topics found in what I call 2 Opinions Chapter 3—the go-to source of authority when you can't find it in the Bible. This article delves into the mindset of those who feel qualified to make these rules for other people [...]

2 September

Hide it under a bushel?

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NOTE: Updated with transcript of audio The following audio snippet comes from a May Meeting discussion, I believe, and shows a clear intent to avoid criticism by keeping the teachings of the church hidden from public scrutiny. The idea under discussion was to avoid having written material get indexed by search engines and exposed to the "wrong eyes" on the Internet, the supposed "enemies of the cross of Christ." This is just another way of silencing dissent; if your opinions aren't published anywhere, no one can counter them with scripture. Does anyone doubt that Paul would have loved for each and every one of his sermons to be published in audio, written, and video form on the Internet, if he'd had such technology? He would have [...]