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14 September

Overcoming your fear of leaving – by Debby Stevens

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For anyone who has been thinking about leaving any of the Stanton CoC groups, but has been frozen by fear, Debby Stevens shared some very well-written thoughts from the heart yesterday that you need to read. I had people emailing me asking to put her comments into a single post so they don't get lost in the comment rotation, and I agree. My favorite quote: "If you leave the group, it doesn't mean you have left God. Actually, you may be leaving so that you can continue to follow Him, and Christ." Thank you, Debby, for sharing. I have something on my heart and it's been there for awhile, and I'd like to share it if ones will bear with me! It wasn't just one [...]

5 June

My Story, by Debby Stevens

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I'm really glad that Debby Stevens found the blog recently. There are a lot of good people who love God who have left Stanton's ranks, and I'm thrilled that some of them have found this blog to share their story. My prayer is that by uncovering more voices from Stanton's past, we can show current members that (a) they're not alone in their secret doubts about Stanton's presumptuous "authority;" and (b) there is such a thing as a relationship with God outside of Stanton's walls. Debby, thanks adding your voice to the discussion here. My Story by Debby Stevens I first started with the Stanton group in Portland, OR in 1985 when I was baptized. In 1989 I was asked to move to Lakeland, FL [...]