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19 August

Yes, it’s a denomination

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The sect will insist that the church is named "Church of Christ" and there is no other acceptable name. This comes straight from Merie's Church Lesson, but honestly, it used to be widely taught in mainstream churches of Christ as well. Thankfully, truth is prevailing, and that practice is slowly going away, because it is entirely unbiblical. This may be a shock to you, but the Lord's church is not once named in the Bible. Ever. In fact, it is not even a human organization, so it needs no proper name to distinguish it from other human organizations. It is a purely spiritual organization, and believers are added to it by God. They then proceed to seek out other believers to meet with, and that [...]

14 August

Wildly out of context verses

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It amazes me the lack of Bible understanding among church leaders who spout Bible verses profusely without even a basic grasp of the context of the verse or what the author was trying to communicate. There is always an appearance of deep spiritual insight and Biblical authority, but a closer look at the scriptures suggests they need to go back to the basics of the Word before attempting to teach others. That's not to say I have it all figured out, by any means. I've never claimed such. But that's the thing; they have. They have claimed for decades to have the Holy Spirit's guidance into "all truth," while everyone else is claimed to NOT have that benefit. So when you make a claim like [...]