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16 September

Labor Day 2013 – Not ready to give an answer

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How do you defend the Pharisaic rules for travel and the many other unbiblical doctrines discussed on these pages? You don't. You certainly don't want to have any self-reflection, or engage in critical thinking. You assert instead that answering tough questions legitimizes them (although in fact, refusing to answer them is exactly what de-legitimizes your case). And of course you call anyone who dares ask tough questions an "enemy of Christ" for whom you have "contempt" and "disdain." Really? Sadly, there are some for whom that type of response will suffice. For those who question with boldness and search the Scriptures whether these things are so, it's not hard to recognize flowery speeches and empty words without Biblical support. If this talk on Labor Day 2013 is [...]

3 September

May Week audio and transcript on rules for travel

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Jesus must be shaking his head in disbelief to think that his immense personal sacrifice—God coming to Earth to live as his creation lives, and being crucified for it—has been reduced to yet more Pharisaic rules that the rabbis heap upon their followers. These self-appointed legislators leave no stone unturned in looking for areas of your life to assert the spiritual superiority of their own opinions. Thus they fabricate rules for marital sex, attire, recreation, wine, travel, the Lord's supper, and a whole host of other topics found in what I call 2 Opinions Chapter 3—the go-to source of authority when you can't find it in the Bible. This article delves into the mindset of those who feel qualified to make these rules for other people [...]